Blessed Jane of Toulouse lived during the 13th century. In 1240, a Carmelite monastery was founded in her town, which exposed her to the Carmelite lifestyle and spirituality. 

In 1265, when St. Simon Stock, a reformer of the Carmelites, was passing through Toulouse, Jane met him, and asked to be affiliated with the Carmelites. Simon agreed, and Jane became the first Third Order Carmelite. 

Jane took a vow of perpetual chastity, and completely molded her life to the Carmelite rule. She performed many penances daily, and worked in her community with the sick and the poor. One of Jane’s primary ministries was to encourage the boys of the town to help her serve the poor, and to help them discern a calling to the Carmelite order. 

Jane of Toulouse is a founder and considered to be the first member of the Carmelite tertiary order. She died in 1286.