St. Albert the Great, so-called because of his encyclopedic knowledge, was born in 1193 in Donau. He studied at Padua, and joined the Order of Preachers in 1223. He was sent to Germany to teach in many cities, and taught St. Thomas Aquinas. 

In 1248, he earned the honor of Master in Sacred Theology. Huge crowds gathered to hear him speak and teach. A few years later, Albert was made the provincial of his Order in Germany. He lived in the court of Pope Alexander II, and was made bishop of Regensburg, but two years later, he returned to Cologne. 

In Cologne, he served as shepherd, counselor, and peacemaker, until his death at the age of 87. 

In 1931, Pope Pius XI made Albert a saint, and declared him a doctor of the Church. Albert wrote throughout his life, and his 21 folio volumes are dedicated to commentaries on Aristotle and the Bible. He is known as the greatest German scholar of the Middle Ages.