The resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday begins the joyful period of the 50 days of Eastertide in the Catholic Church. During Eastertide, the faithful are called to be exuberant and show gratitude to the Lord since he selflessly died on the cross. The 50-day celebration ends with Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus’ apostles. Many Catholics only celebrate Easter Sunday, but the celebration should not end there. Here are five ways to celebrate the 50 days of Easter:

Decorate the house 

Place fresh spring flowers in each room of the house in honor of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Bright-colored flowers create a sense of hope and gratitude in the home along with providing lovely fragrances. Draping white sashes on crucifixes or crosses serve as a reminder that the joy of the season goes beyond Easter Sunday. Have your children make a poster of a life-giving cross. Add paper flowers and leaves to it throughout Easter, making for a reflective touch to a joy-filled room. Lastly, place a picture of the resurrection in a place of honor somewhere in the home. 

Increase Devotions

The Easter season is a time of celebration! The Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary are particularly fitting for this time. Pray a decade as a family each night. Also, consider reading the Acts of the Apostles or some of the New Testament letters as a family during this liturgical season. 

Make Sunday Meals Special

Make time for a family meal every Sunday in celebration of Easter. Light a special candle in the middle of the table and use nice linen. Use a special family recipe to make the night special. Decorate Easter cookies during day and enjoy them for dessert. 

Celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday

The Sunday after Easter is Divine Mercy Sunday. To prepare for the celebration, consider praying the Divine Mercy novena that Christ revealed to St. Faustian. Starting on Good Friday, the novena spans from Good Friday through Saturday of the following week. The Divine Mercy novena is said to bring salvation to those who eagerly await it. 

Prepare for Pentecost

On Ascension Thursday, choose a family intention. Make the nine days until Pentecost a novena to the Holy Spirit. Add some Pentecost red (for fire) to your Easter decorations. Make and decorate a cake with Pentecost flames and other symbols to celebrate the birthday of the Church.