Our faith is under attack. We need your immediate help to save the Sacrament of Confession!

California Senate Bill 360 seeks to remove the privacy right to confession for priests and the thousands of people who work for the Catholic Church in California. We need your help to tell legislators that they cannot change the way we practice our faith!

Archbishop Gomez and his brother bishops in California are urging Catholics to oppose SB 360, which would revoke the “Seal of Confession” for priests and tens of thousands of Catholics in the State. 

For parish resources, prayers and to take action, visit KeepTheSeal.com.

The latest from Angelus News

Statements from across California

Multimedia coverage on the "Threats to the Seal of Confession" by Catholic News Service

The recent vote by the California Senate to require priests to violate the seal of the confessional under certain circumstances when it comes to child sexual abuse is the latest salvo in a slowly spreading campaign in Australia, in Chile and now in the United States. 

Catholic News Service has released a seven-part video series on the battle over the seal. It is accompanied by a series of print stories and photos put together during a monthlong investigation by multimedia editor Chaz Muth. Powerfully told, the project provides Catholics with a moving overview of the issues as well as a historical perspective on why protecting the seal is so important for the Church.

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