Heather King, Catholic author and blogger, has recently released her latest book, “Stripped.” A former alcoholic and a convert to the faith, King’s new book recounts her experience with breast cancer.

The book is meant to be a spiritual guide, a way of answering existential questions and a critique of the American medical system. King, a former attorney, says “the medical profession ran exactly the same way the legal profession did: on fear, greed, apathy and a deep desire to have as little personal interaction as possible.”

She adds that her experience with cancer taught her “the real tragedy is to die with our truest song unsung — to die without recognizing that our suffering has meaning,” she says.

“Stripped,” published by Loyola Press was released in September. The book is $14.95 in paperback. King’s other published books include “Redeemed,” “Shirt of Flame” and “Poor Baby.” For more information about the author, please visit heather-king.com.