Although EWTN Global Catholic Network already reaches over 250 million television households in 140 countries worldwide, they have decided to further expand their outreach down another avenue: book publishing. Announced this month, the publisher Sophia Institute Press will be joining the EWTN network to print books and publish content electronically, making Catholic literature available globally through their newly formed publishing group. "By partnering with Sophia Institute Press, the Network does not need to build an entire publications and marketing team from scratch; but rather, we can rely on the technical expertise of a proven publisher who knows what it takes to edit, print and promote books for the Catholic marketplace," EWTN chairman Michael Warsaw stated Aug. 12. "There is still a very strong demand for books related to topics of faith and religion, and while EWTN has done limited self-published titles for some time, this new publishing house will allow us to be more deliberate and focused in our efforts.” This venture will form a new entity called EWTN Publishing Inc. The enterprise will produce various publications, with a focus on the written works of EWTN's founder, Mother Angelica. These publications will also include various content from her show, "Mother Angelica Live," which will be edited, printed, and turned into books. "All of us at Sophia Institute Press are thrilled to partner with EWTN in this new venture," stated its president, Charlie McKinney. "EWTN played a profound role in my conversion to the Catholic Church, and I am excited to help expand the great content they produce into book form," McKinney continued, saying that Sophia Institute Press is excited to collaborate with EWTN in serving the worldwide Church. Sophia Institute Press, based in New Hampshire, has been known for its Catholic publications focused on the teachings of the Church and has featured authors from St. Augustine to Archbishop Fulton Sheen. The reach of Sophia Institute Press also expands into other organizations, including affiliates such as Crisis Magazine, Catholic Exchange, and Sophia Institute for Teachers. Together with EWTN, Sophia Institute Press will continue to produce Catholic publications while engaging the faithful on a more global level. "Everyone I've met at EWTN has been incredibly gracious and encouraging," McKinney noted, saying that "we're excited to join their work in saving souls and serving the Church."