When many people think about Los Angeles, they think of celebrities and ocean views. Within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, we have some of the wealthiest zip codes and some of the poorest in the U.S., too. 

We have more homeless people and more people incarcerated in Los Angeles County than anywhere in the country. We are one of the top cities for numbers of abortions and victims of human trafficking. And, we have 34,000 children in foster care — the most in the country.

The sheer scale of all of this can seem insurmountable. We decided to look at the situation in terms of where our parishes could be the most effective, and we realized that our greatest assets are our Catholic families. 

Our families are incredibly generous. They want to help, but so many don’t know how. Once we began talking to people about fostering, the response has been incredible. Most people don’t know that more than 20 percent of foster children in Los Angeles are under the age of 2. 

The need is staggering. If we can reach out to these kids and offer them a home and the kind of loving family they might not have experienced, we can help them heal, help their own moms and dads heal, and make a significant impact in the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors.

Take action: Visit archla.org/foster to get your parish involved.


Kathleen Buckley Domingo is director of the Office of Life, Justice and Peace for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.