There’s a change coming to the Catholic television scene this Fall, and I couldn’t feel more blessed to be a part of it!

The incredible team at CatholicTV gave me and my friend Steve The Missionary an opportunity to create something a little off the beaten path for mainstream Catholic media, and we are excited to finally have the opportunity to share that creation with the world!

 At 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT on Monday, Oct. 1 you’ll finally get to see the series premiere of CatholicTV’s new show Repent & Submit in all its glory!

Repent & Submit is based around the idea of two very Catholic friends sharing a very Catholic conversation. Steve and I kick things off with a segment we call Entrance Hymns where we discuss and debate three, typically light-hearted, topics and try and explain why we’re right and our beloved co-host is wrong. This segment covers everything from holding hands during the Our Father, to debating if black coffee counts against our pre-Eucharist fast, to the best style of music for worshipping the one true God at Mass. It’s definitely the part of the show where viewers are asked to line themselves up with either Team Steve or Team Tommy.

The show rolls from there into a segment called The Ridiculous Argument of the Day where one of us plays the role of someone with a very ridiculous argument against the Church, one you’ve definitely heard on social media, while the other takes that argument to its logical extreme, remains calm, and defends the teaching of the Church and basic calmness and reason at the same time.

We move to highlighting bishops around our nation and the world doing great things for the Church with our Know Thy Bishop segment, and always get a good laugh at the end by trying to point to the diocese of that particular bishop on “The Map”; a map without any boundary lines which inevitably leads to the predicable failure by the two native Californians at the helm.

After briefly touching on some topics sent in via Twitter and other social media platforms in a segment titled My Menchies, we move straight into an all-out battle between two saints (featured by way of Steve and I hiding behind a cardboard cutout of their face attached to a popsicle stick). Have you ever wanted to see Francis and Clare, Augustine and Ambrose, or Thomas Aquinas and Bonaventure battle to see who’s the holiest of them all? If so, Saint vs Saint is just what the doctor ordered.

After sharing some items we find exciting and under the radar on The Catholic Internet, we take the show into a longer discussion, typically about a more serious topic facing our Church, in Last Rites. This is all wrapped up with a lengthy speech from one of us on an issue we find near and dear to our hearts (the importance of reading Oscar Romero, the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary, etc.), and a lighting round, beat-the-clock finish called Is It A Sin? where Steve peppers Tommy with different actions and asks, “Is it a sin?!”

Repent & Submit is a fast-paced show covering tons of Catholic topics in a brief amount of time, all aimed at helping you have a great time because these are the exact conversations you’re probably having with your Catholic friends on a daily basis. We try and show that, while we may have drastically different opinions on issues within the Church (music style, prayer life, the best way to highlight the younger voices in our parishes), we can still come away as friends and hopefully learn a little something at the same time.

If you’re excited to see something new, something fresh, and something exciting in the world of Catholic television, you’ve got to put Repent & Submit from CatholicTV on your calendar! You can catch it live on air every Wednesday 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on CatholicTV starting the first week of October, or stream it any time at or on the CatholicTV app (available for pretty much every device out there).

We hope you enjoy the show, and please remember to interact with us on social media (the show is @RepentSubmitCTV on Twitter) during and after the show! We’ll interact back and take your questions and comments with us as we head into developing our second season!


Tommy Tighe is a Catholic husband and father of five boys. You can find out more about him at

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