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Angelus News is your source for Catholic news, analysis and commentary from Los Angeles, the nation’s largest and most culturally diverse Catholic community.

We tell stories across print and digital platforms covering the most urgent issues— from world events and cultural trends to personal matters of ethics and spirituality.

Our contributors include some of the finest journalists, spiritual writers and photographers in the world today.

Our website, AngelusNews.com, is updated all day long and brings you the most important stories from the Vatican, Washington, Latin America and across the globe.

We also provide exclusive content — opinions, spiritual reflections and fascinating ideas.
 Not to mention: there is no better place to find local news and events coverage for the Catholic Church in Los Angeles, along with the latest Catholic high schools sports scores and highlights.

Our weekly magazine, Angelus, offers you the finest in Catholic journalism and photo-journalism, with first-rate analysis of the events and trends shaping the Church and the world, plus the practical advice from the world’s best spiritual writers on prayer and Catholic living, along with great features about Catholic life in Los Angeles. 

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Angelus is engaged in an editorial partnership with renowned Vatican analyst John L. Allen Jr. and his Crux Catholic Media company, to provide exclusive news and analysis for our weekly magazine and website. We are proud to feature original reporting on the global Church every week from Allen and his collaborators, Inés San Martin, Christopher White, and Claire Giangravé.

Angelus also provides national and international Catholic news through its ongoing partnerships with Catholic News Agency and Catholic News Service.

On staff, we are proud to have veteran journalist, R.W. Dellinger, voted 2018 “Writer of the Year” by the Catholic Press Association and award-winning veteran photojournalist, Victor Alemán, who is also the editor of our sister publication, Vida Nueva

Among our contributing editors are Ruben Navarrette (USA Today, CNN, NPR); Kathryn Lopez (National Review, Wall Street Journal), and Mike Aquilina (national speaker and author of more than 50 books on Catholic themes).  

We are proud to be the exclusive print home for award-winning essayist, Heather King, who writes each week for Angelus.

Other regular columnists include Grazie Pozo Christie (CNN, Miami Herald, New York Times, USA Today), Greg Erlandson and Robert Brennan

Nationally known Catholic journalists and essayists contribute regularly. We are proud to run regular spiritual essays from Gary Jansen and culture and arts coverage from Dawn Eden Goldstein

Each weekly edition of Angelus contains spiritual reflections from Father Ronald Rolheiser, who writes weekly. We are honored to have best-selling Catholic author, Dr. Scott Hahn, writing a weekly Scripture column for us. 

Los Angeles Archbishop and award-winning columnist, Archbishop José Gomez also writes weekly. 

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