Archbishop Bernardito Auza

Thumbnail 12 year old twins from the old city of homs stand near garbage outside a dilapidated building credit   unicef uni201161 ohanesian cna 1 13 16 Don't ignore children suffering war and separation, Holy See tells UN

Armed conflicts brings out “the most vicious forms of violence against children” and the world must act to aid the young victims of violence and...

Thumbnail portrait of samburu woman in kenya africa on nov 8 2008 credit anna omelchenko via wwwshutterstockcom cna 9 1 15 1 Vatican diplomacy zeros-in on human rights in Africa

In a region fraught with political, ethnic and religious divisions, the Central African Republic's motto of “Unity, Dignity, and Work” can serve as...

Thumbnail african women credit martchan via wwwshutterstockcom cna Women drive peace and development, Vatican rep tells UN

The Holy See paid homage to all women and girls who have selflessly served others in education, healthcare, and forming the youth and upheld the...