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Iceland Is 'eradicating' Down Syndrome…By Aborting Everyone Who Has It

A recent article from CBS News proclaims that “few countries have come as close to eradicating Down syndrome births as Iceland.” The operative word here is “births.” Has Iceland discovered, through some groundbreaking technology and research, a cure to the chromosomal abnormality?...

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New Texas Law Axes Insurance Coverage For Elective Abortion

A new law in Texas removes elective abortion coverage from the standard package of health insurance benefits offered in many plans, a move that pro-life advocates hailed as a victory for those who do not want to subsidize abortion. “As a firm believer in Texas values I am proud to sign...

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Abortion-Pill Reversal: The Next Frontier Of Informed-Consent Laws?

Medication abortions are on their way to becoming the dominant method of abortion in the U.S. But lawmakers are starting to look at whether to change their state’s informed-consent laws to let women know of an experimental treatment that could possibly reverse the effects of a...

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UK Politics Put Pressure On Northern Ireland Pro-Life Laws

Recent changes in U.K. politics have meant a renewed push against Northern Ireland’s pro-life laws, advocates say. “It is so incredibly important to lobby for life at this present point in time because of the stark threat to unborn children here as Northern Ireland faces a great deal of political...

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Assisted Suicide For Mental Health Issues? A Catholic Response

With awareness of mental health conditions on the rise, how is the Church called to respond to those who do not simply wish to end their lives, but push for the right to do so legally? Adam Maier-Clayton was a young Canadian activist who suffered from a variety of mental health issues and...

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New Zealand Inquiry Doesn't Recommend Legalizing Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia

A long-term inquiry submitted to New Zealand's parliament Wednesday did not recommend that assisted suicide and euthanasia be legalized in the country. “We've tried to distil all the arguments and our recommendation to both the Parliament and the people of New Zealand is to read this report...


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Over Half Of UK Women Who Sought Abortion Last Year Used Contraceptives

Recent statistics show that more than half of women seeking abortions in Britain last year were using at least one form of contraception. The statistics were based on 60,592 women who had abortions at clinics operated by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), the country’s largest...

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Proposed Legal Immigration Limits Draw Strong Criticism From US Bishops

Washington D.C., Aug 3, 2017 / 04:21 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- A Senate proposal for immigration limits backed by President Donald Trump would hurt family unity and exclude too many vulnerable people, the U.S. Catholic bishops have said. “Had this discriminatory legislation been in place...

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Life In Limbo: Dream Act Of 2017 Renews Hope In Young Immigrants

Jorge Padilla, 25, is a student, pizza restaurant manager … and an undocumented immigrant. The day after the Nov. 8 election was, without a doubt, “one of the hardest days of my life.” “I was [just thinking], ‘OK, so what’s going to happen next?’ ” recalled Padilla, who came to the United...

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Will Democrats’ Future Include Pro-Lifers? The Debate Continues.

WA leading Democratic Party campaigner has signaled openness to pro-life candidates, continuing months of controversy over the party’s future. Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (D-N.M.), who chairs the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in charge of helping Democratic congressional candidates, told...

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Christian Leaders Unite To Oppose Assisted Suicide In Australia

Catholics and Christian leaders from several denominations have joined forces in the Australian state of Victoria to decry a bill in favor of assisted suicide, expected to be proposed and voted on later this year. “Euthanasia and assisted suicide represent the abandonment of those who are in...

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Vatican Justice Branch Sets Anti-Corruption Goals For 2018

After hosting a discussion earlier this summer, the Vatican office for justice has outlined several goals and action points in their plan to fight corruption, which will be a central focus for the upcoming year. On June 15 the International Consultation Group for justice, corruption, organized...

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Judge Nixes Alabama Abortion Law Involving Parental Consent

A federal judge has struck down an Alabama law requiring more scrutiny for minors who seek an abortion without parental consent. U.S. Magistrate Judge Susan Russ Walker said that the law governing judicial bypass requests unconstitutionally imposes an undue burden on a minor who seeks an...

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Catholic Obligations And MMR Vaccine

Renee was 19 and pregnant for the first time, with twins, when she came down with measles. It was in the late 1950s, long before vaccines. Somehow, she had managed to avoid getting the disease as a child, despite being the eldest of a family of six children in a neighborhood full of kids.  She...

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Unborn Babies Can Detect Different Languages, New Study Says

A new study from researchers at Kansas University has found that unborn babies are able to distinguish between different languages as early a month before they are born. The study found that unborn children, at an average of 8 months in the womb, are able to distinguish the difference between...